Ironsteel® Facts

Ironsteel® is considered being a premium brand in the market for work- and safety-shoes. The company, which was established as early as 2000, offers a wide range of footwear that meets users' needs, requirements for safety, comfort, design and user expectations.

Ironsteel® focus on the markets for work and safety shoes regardless of gender, but is also involved in the markets for outdoor and military footwear. With close collaboration, product development, as well as the use of technologies from companies like HDry® in Italy and BOA® Fit System established in Colorado, USA, Ironsteel® today offers a wide range of innovative, technical and durable footwear.

Ironsteel International Ltd. currently provides footwear on most continents under its own or other world class brand names. Always with a focus on comfort, design, safety, durability and with the user in focus.

Development and production

The footprints of Ironsteel can be followed back to an early start in Taiwan in 1990, including production at the factory established in China. (See video below.) Later, Hong Kong became the location for the brand's headquarters. In the early phase, the factory produced for Taiwanese and American customers and primarily for the military market. The company expanded rapidly and included production for the work and safety footwear market in Europe and according to the European standard EN 345 (later ISO 20345). In order to meet the needs and wishes of international brands, Ironsteel then started to provide production carrying the customers' logos and profiles, so-called OEM production.

In the early phase, the focus was on durable safety footwear in leather, including a solid outer sole and use of visible stitching to fasten the upper to the sole, so-called Goodyear Welt Construction. This was the traditional way of producing safety shoes. However, as the markets and technologies evolved, Ironsteel also began producing cemented footwear that is well known from the sports and leisure industry. This technology is also used on waterproof and breathable footwear that includes high technology properties.

Footwear from Ironsteel meets the highest certification standards and the company guarantees the safety and performance of the products by using quality materials from the world's markets within leather, durable fabrics, lining, membranes, etc. The footwear is tested and checked in areas such as durability, resistance to tearing, permeability to water vapor, slip-resistance, atistatic properties, anti-penetration etc.

Ironsteel Scandinavia 

The products from Ironsteel have been present in the Scandinavian markets since the beginning of the 2000s as well-known Nordic and International brands had their shoe production at the factory. Via Ironsteel Scandinavia, the Ironsteel® brand products are available to the Nordic market. The people involved in the Norwegian based company has collaborated with Ironsteel International Ltd. all the way back to 2003.

Ironsteel Scandinavia is focusing on and developing styles for the "Nordic foot", as well as the working environment and climate in which they are to be used. With long term experience from the Norwegian and European markets within Workwear and Safety Footwear, plus support from and expertise at Ironsteel centrally, there is a solid Nordic base for everyone who enjoys innovative and technical products for work, safety and comfort.

Ironsteel Hi-vis Workwear

In addition to the Safety Footwear, Ironsteel Scandinavia also brings to market a collection of High-visibility products that includes a T-shirt, Sweatshirt and Packlite Jacket. These Hi-vis products are designed for long-term use, safety and comfort, are innovative and engineered with quality materials. This collection of workwear makes you visible in the workplace, they are suitable for the tasks, comfortable to wear, have a good design and a good fit.

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