Welcome to our product overview. These products are especially developed with the North European market in mind. You can download the safety footwear overview here

There is stock of this safety footwear available in Norway where Ironsteel Scandinavia is based. These are of course also available to customers outside Norway. But as Norway is a Non-EU country, meaning most European markets outside of Norway are inside EU, we cannot display any prices in the English website as prices will depend on many factors like location, shipping method, volume, country of origin and more. Therefore, please take contact and we will be able to personally support each request.

With in addition, the product portfolio from Ironsteel International Ltd. available upon request (also certified according to European regulations), there is a wide selection of products available. There are also opportunties for development of individual products carrying alternative/your brand(s) under certain terms. Agian, please take contact and we will be able to support.

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