How to change the various Boa® kits

The Boa® System gives you freedom to adjust the tigthening perfectly and to get in and out of the footwear quckly. Every construction and configuration is purpose-built for performance by using three integral parts: A micro-adjustable dial plus a super-strong lightweight lace and low friction lace-guides. Every Boa® system is a result of a long and systematic development, and the configuration is engineered to optimize fit and provide precision, adaptability and control. Each Ironsteel® footwear including Boa® has been controlled and tested by Boa® before being released for production.

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong - either because of external negative impact, damage, user problems or others. Either way - if the accident happens, it is possible to replace the Boa® system on your Ironsteel® footwear. Below you will find videos with instructions on how to change a Boa® kit on your Ironsteel footwear.  

The following video shows how a Boa kit can be replaced. This may vary from system to system - see more info below. 

If you need to replace the Boa L6 System used on the low-cut Ironsteel styles, please study this video:

If you need to replace the Boa M4 System used on the mid- and high-cut Ironsteel styles, please study this video:

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