HDry® provides insulation, breathability and keeps your feet dry

HDry® uses a patented design process that creates a waterproof and breathable barrier inside the footwear. This impervious layer is laminated directly to the backside of the upper of the shoes; with no seams and no holes or openings where water can enter. HDry® is providing the highest performance, best fit, precision and the cleanest design and construction available. Ironsteel® is a proud partner and uses the technology in the production of waterproof footwear. 

The HDry® technology provides the highest level of waterproofness, breathability and insulation

The ultra-thin waterproof and breathable membrane, as shown in the illustration below, is laminated directly on the inside of the leather/textile and without any openings where the water can penetrate. Moisture is blocked on the outside of the shoe and the unique breathable capabilities keep feet warm and dry. Traditional waterproof technology for footwear has the membrane laminated to the lining. Water can therefore enter through the outer layer and accumulate in the space between the inner lining and the outer layer of the upper. This will make the footwear wet and heavy and is clearly shown in the video below. When this occurs in a so-called "bootie construction", it causes among other things, a longer drying time - and should there become a hole in the inner lining of the shoe, the water between the layers will be pumped in towards the foot during movement. This problem is avoided using HDry® technology. 


Benefits of HDry®

  • Extreme waterproofness - HDry® removes the waterproof barrier from the inner lining to the outer of the footwear's upper. As a result, the water remains on the outer surface of the shoes and the feet remain dry. You will not experience the unpleasant feeling of humidity that can occure with footwear using traditional "bootie construction" technology.
  • Superior breathability - the HDry® membrane is specifically designed for foot and hand protection. It has high water vapor permeability, certified at international institutes. Complete absence of tape sealing of seams allows the system to utilize 100% permeability of the waterproof barrier and thus increase breathability.
  • Unmatched comfort - HDry® creates greater volume of dry air between the foot and the waterproof barrier. This reduces the risk of condensation from sweat and heat and helps maintain a stable temperature inside the footwear.
  • Perfect fit - HDry® seals the inner surface of the upper evenly with a thin waterproof barrier. There are no folds, no seams and no sealing tape over seams. This eliminates potential friction points and consequently reduces the risk of discomfort and blisters.
  • Easier all day - HDry® prevents water from penetrating and stagnating between the outer of the upper and the inner lining, so not any longer need to carry excess weight (from water). HDry® also ensures that the outer layer of leather or fabric, absorbs less water and dries much faster.
  • High quality and durability - the materials and processes used by HDry® are designed for durability under extreme conditions. This is maintained throughout the life of the footwear.
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