Boa® makes it easy to take the shoes on and off

The BOA® FIT System is used in various industries such as sports, healthcare and personal protective equipment. Every construction and configuration is purpose-built for performance by using three integral parts: A micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong light-weight lace plus low-friction lace guides. With BOA® you get adjusted and tightened so that the shoes fit perfectly to your feet.

  • Push in to engage
  • Turn to tighten
  • Pull up for quick release

Check out the videos below.

The BOA® system is tailor made and customized to each style and work-area the footwear is intended for. Before launching any product, it is checked and tested by Boa. And even if each system is unique, they all contain three integrated components: A micro-adjustable wheel (dial), a very strong and light wire (lace) plus low-friction wire guides. Each configuration is designed to optimize fit, provide precision, comfort and control.

The BOA® FIT System interface are specially built to optimize the experience of good fit and strength. With one hand you are able to fine-tune down to 1 mm. You can easily adjust for the desired tightening, comfort and performance without losing focus on what you do. And once you've adjusted it, the system stays that way; in the warehouse, on the scaffold or down in a deep trench with pipes and wires. Boa gives you a secure fit and makes it quick and easy to get your shoes on and off regardless of conditions.

Adjusted and tested to the highest standards, the Boa wheel gives you the experience of a good fit so you can focus on what matters most - your own profession. Varying in size, design and interface, the Boa wheel is adjusted with precision and allows for quick release while providing maximum performance.


The guides replace traditional lace holes and simplify perfect tightening. Special designed guides optimize the Boa system by minimizing friction and giving the user a better fit experience in a way that was not possible before.

Boa Guides.jpg

The machinery in the Boa system is the super-strong lightweight lace that can take repeated tightenings and stand up against the toughest tests. The Boa system uses lightweight, super-strong wires that are specifically configured for smooth operation, comfort and performance.

Boa Wire.jpg

The Boa® series used in the Ironsteel Footwear Program

This series has light weight and lower tension, designed for low-cut footwear that requires precision. L-Series has a sleak design, deliver exact adjustment, comfort and adaptability.

A powerful solution with needed versatility to meet variable working conditions. With its fast tightening system, the M-Series can withstand increased wire tension, longer and more powerful wires and gives the user great flexibility. This series stands out under conditions such as snow and ice, dirt, oil and other challenging environments. The design is such that it can be easily adjusted even with gloves on. The powerful dial combines durability and closing strength and resists external impact without sacrificing fit. Check out the video below that shows testing of M series.

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