Technical footwear for your work, safety and comfort

A shoemaker who makes and repairs footwear, is one of the oldest crafts. In the Middle Ages the shoemaker owned the entire work process; tanning leather, sewing shoes plus boots and also having direct contact with the customers. The shoemaker measured the customer's feet and made each pair to order. Exclusive shoes were made of leather including leather soles. Wood was also widely used and many shoes were made with soles of wood and with leather upper.

Factory-made shoes became common in the second half of the 19th century, when machines began to be used in production. In the 1900s, factory production became dominant meaning shoes were mass-produced in various sizes and spread to a bigger market.

Established in 1991, the Ironsteel production unit delivers high quality footwear, made up of the best of materials and user-friendly technology available on the market, all in order to provide you with optimal products - for your work, safety and comfort.

Above is a picture from the development of the Gravity TRX-III outsole. After testing the first version of the sole (the black part) on varied substrates including snow, the pattern and mould of the outsole were adjusted to ensure ideal grip. The lower part is the adjusted mould after testing. This became the "master" for the work up to completion. This as an example of how we work to achieve optimal models to meet market needs.

All Ironsteel® models are uniquely designed from base, focusing on the practical work situations they are intended for. In addition, it is of course relevant to plan for what seasons, indoors or outdoors - or maybe both. Will it be wet or dry? And also, on what substrate will you operate when at work. Stay safe when wearing a pair of Ironsteel® footwear.

The video below shows how a pair of safety shoes can be put together. There is a lot of technology even though it is "just" a pair of shoes.

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