Symbols showing the technical features of the safety footwear

Ironsteel® safety footwear is packed with technical features that give the user many advantages and benefits, and not to forget a good fit and safety at the workplace. The fact that the models are durable, looks good and provides high comfort make them no less suitable - on the contrary!

Alternative symbols are used in order to present the technical features in a simple and clear way. Below you will find an overview of the symbols relevant to the footwear program presented by Ironsteel Scandinavia.

The symbols presented in the table above including the symbols for Boa®, HDry® and Poron® brands are used in the product presentations in our 2020 realese brochure that can be downloaded here.

In addition to this, the symbol below is also used when using the 3M winter insulation material Thinsulate. Check out our winter safety boot K2.

3M Thinsulate.jpg

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