GRAVITY® Soles provides secure grip

Our safety footwear utilizes Ironsteel's proprietary soles named Gravity®. There are various designs and versions depending on function, expected working environment and conditions. They all include Ironsteel's own technology and design principles. With the Gravity® soles, the safety footwear in many ways can be compared with sport-shoes where low weight, shock absorption and good design are in focus.

Each Gravity® sole has included a specially designed high-tech, energy-absorbing and light-weight Phylon midsole that has unique cushioning capabilities. This midsole sits on top of a specially constructed outer sole with a custom fit design and pattern; tailored to the work environment the footwear is intended for. 

We use different Gravity® outsoles in the product range according to target group and expected use. Below we present the soles we use in the new 2020 releases of footwear presented here. Other Gravity® soles are also available for alternative styles of footwear. 

  • Gravity® G-Sport III - only 189 grams. The sole is used on our model Milano.
    This is a very light and sporty sole suitable outside during three Nordic seasons. Otherwise this sole is perfect for all inside work in various professions like in warehouses, "do it yourself" shops, for various drivers, craftsmen and elsewhere where light and energy-absorbing footwear is needed.
  • Gravity® G-III - 230 grams. The sole is used on our model Leeds.
    This is a sturdy sole we know well and with many happy users across nations. G-III is a medium weight sole with a pattern that gives a good grip and works well in various environments and on different surfaces throughout the year.
  • Gravity® TRX III - 236 grams. The sole is used on our models Sheffield, Kasai and K2.
    TRX III is a new development built upon the experience from the previous TRXII. It is a very powerful sole with a pattern that provides a very strong grip. Unique to the sole is the "trunk" in the front which is an integral part of the sole. This provides extra protection at the front and is an advantage for anyone who has work leading to extra wear and tear in the front of the shoes. On our newly developed top winter model K2, we use Gravity® TRX III in combination with "Ice-Grip" in the central part of the grip zone. This for providing extra safety on slippery surfaces throughout the year and with the variations of weather in a Nordic climate in mind.

Gravity artwork no logo 868px.jpg

This is a presentation of how the lower part of the safety shoes using Gravity® soles are constructed. This is what we call "cemented construction" and the key design principles are the same for all our safety styles. At the bottom in above illustration is the Gravity® TRX III with its bottom and top sides. Next step up - here in white colour, is the light-weight Phylon midsole, including a technically integrated design to ensure antistatic properties. On top of the Phylon comes a new layer and as for all our models, this is a non-metallic anti-penetration sole. This protects the user from penetration of sharp objects like nails. The removable shock absorbing footbed with Poron® is the final layer before the foot and it creates the necessary cushioning and comfort. The cap that secures the toes of the user is specially adapted to each design of the Gravity® soles to provide optimal fit and resistance to i.e. falling objects. Check also out the information and video in the article "Technical construction". 

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