Poron® extreme impact protection included in your footbed

Poron® is built upon a heritage of quality and a history of innovation, designed specifically to protect components in industrial, electronic and transport applications. The goal has always been to protect consumers in medical, footwear and other portable application areas.

When the human body is subjected to mechanical shocks, the result can be wear, breakage, mechanical failure or personal injury. To facilitate with shock absorption properties in the vulnerable area, will be important. Poron® polyurethane proves to be among the best shock absorbing materials when flexible cushioning is required. The material has a unique open cell structure that provides resistance to collapse and provides superior shock absorption and protection, high elasticity and vibration reduction. 

Every time you take a step, waves from it pass through your feet, legs, back and neck. That is why it is important to minimize wear and doing it over time, plus also reduce the stress by i.e. using quality footwear incl. proper insoles. In the Ironsteel® safety shoes we use removable footbeds that have the shock absorbing material Poron® included. It brings support to your feet and reduce stress for your body when walking and standing, providing increased comfort to your feet, legs and back. In addition, the soles are antibacterial to reduce unwanted odors.

Poron® absorbs up to 90% of the energy

Poron® Performance materials relieve the amount of harmful shock waves caused by strenuous activities. Testing shows greater shock reduction in a sole with a thinner and lighter material with Poron than other standard insoles. The picture below shows energy absorption testing where a steel ball is dropped onto a layer of Poron® and compared to EVA. Poron® maintains performance, provides long-lasting comfort and excellent compression resistance that does not reduce with repeated use and therefore provides the user safety over time.



Ironsteel's anatomically designed, ventilating and removable insoles have supportive arches. The PoronXrd and Poron areas provide cushioning and energy absorption in the heel region as well as the forefoot.


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