EN ISO 20471:2013 - Personal Protective Equipment, High Visibility Clothing

Safety and visibility are important parts of reducing accidents in the workplace.  Ironsteel Hi-vis products are designed for long-term use, safety and comfort, are innovative and engineered with high quality materials. These products not only makes you visible in the workplace, they are comfortable to wear, have a good design and nice fit. The Ironsteel Workwear is CE-tested and certified by an accredited certification institute.

The workwear is marked as EN ISO 20471:2013. This standard specifies requirements and test methods for visibility clothing. The fluorescent and reflective areas are divided into three different classes according to the table above. The certification class of the garment is based on the area of visible materials and can be either class 1, 2 or 3. The certification class is marked within the workwear.

The high visibility protective product shall not be covered by any other garment or equipment. And even if a high visibility garment is used, the user will not be visible in all conditions. 

The lifespan of the garment depends on i.e. use, care, and storage. Regular and proper care of the workwear provides best performance. If the workwear is dirty, its performance will be impaired. Follow the care instructions inside the high visibility workwear to maintain its properties.

If you would like to read more, please download the PDF-file below. It contains English as well as Norwegian language. This document is following each of the Ironsteel High-visibility garments. 




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